When we embrace our imperfections, we’re embracing our humanity. I’ve learned to be proud of what I call my “dark side”. I’ll be the first to admit that I am complex, like many other people. As it turns out, after all the years of supporting people through healing, our seemingly worsts parts have a genuine purpose. Not owning who we are, negative and positive, is harmful to our health and well-being. It affects every aspect of our lives and stunts our potential.

Our dark side is a combination of emotions and qualities that we want to wish away. However, it’s less about the negative traits and more about our own criticisms of them. Our dark side may look like anger, competitiveness, and/or indifference. It’s easy to want to reject these parts but if you embrace the meaning behind these tendencies, the behavior reveals something valuable.

Perhaps your anxiety makes you cautious, which in return makes you feel prepared for life. Maybe acting judgmental keeps you from associating with people or situations that aren’t right for you. Perhaps your anger is a way to communicate your truest feelings to get the support you want when you feel you can’t outright say it what it is. There’s always light that shines when we are willing to embrace the darkness.

Wishing you the fullness of who you are with no judgment!


If you ever self-sabotaged your own intentions and goals, you’re not alone. Most of us have experienced this before, the trouble is that it’s unconscious so we're not always aware. I am all too familiar with it. For years, I unconsciously manifested situations that prevented me from sharing myself with the world. I consistently made excuses, rationalized every reason why I couldn’t do something. I prevented myself from making progress because my core belief was that if I didn’t “put myself out there”, I couldn’t get hurt or fail.

Self-sabotage is when our behaviors create problems that deter us away from our true desires. It shows up as unhealthy habits which create more unnecessary pain.  For some people, it may look like avoidance, procrastination, self-shaming or criticism. On the day to day, it may look like misusing drugs, alcohol, overeating, money issues or relationship drama.  

So, what we are battling at the root is fear. Fear of not being “good enough”. Fear that we are unworthy. Fear of being exposed. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of discomfort and pain. With self-sabotaging behavior we lend ourselves a way to “control” situations that feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar. We are trying avoid not feeling disappointed, humiliated or have our worse fears confirmed by the outside world.

The truth is that the suffering actually comes from the story we tell ourselves. We have no true way of avoiding failure. It’s part of the life experience and we have to go through it in order to grow. Now what is within our control, is changing the narrative in our minds and releasing the emotion we have built up over time which is self-harming. 

Wishing you the courage to let go of what no longer serves you!


I'm sure you have noticed or have used the delicious, grounding, earthy scents and tastes of herbs as a form of therapy to purify yourself and/or your space. However, did you realize that you are participating in a sacred, ancient ritual? 

These traditions go back thousands of years and can be found in every ancient tribe. Plants have been used for their healing properties across many cultures since the beginning of time. It is the original form of medicine. Utilizing, burning and ingesting herbs help prevent illness, ward off negative energy, and cleanse a space, person or group. By engaging with plants, it becomes easier to tune into your own energy and the energy of the space you’re in.

Plants are our companions for life and help us along our way. They remind us of intention and humility – the sacredness in all life. They have a direct line to source energy, and this energy is what causes healing to take place. In order for us to experience true freedom, our bodies need to be free of "energy clutter" so that we have the capacity to hold the spiritual energy that is meant to move through us. 

Wishing you the direct link to your divine nature!


Clients often ask the difference between their intuition and thoughts? As I know it takes practice to identify the difference I'd like to share a few things I have learned along the way.

Intuition typically develops when you are willing to pay attention to your feelings and follow your instinct. It is like exercising a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger you become and the more confidence you build in yourself. The greatest power of these insights is their ability to change your actions and therefore creating transformation naturally.

Now the difference between regular thoughts and intuition is in the quality of information. Thoughts come and go while intuition is often persistent.  Thoughts are often linear while intuition is spontaneous and surprising. Thoughts are fleeting and typically uninspiring however intuition is often felt as a whole body experience with sensations and unexplained synchronicity. It's important to note that your intuition will not necessarily give you the message you want to receive. This is often one of the reasons you have the tendency to ignore it.

When you allow yourself to embrace your sensitivity, feel your emotions, allow your intuition to flow and get in touch with your body, you connect back with nature. You start to see and experience the world within and around you from a different perspective connecting back to the intelligence of the universe and your soul. 

Wishing you the loud whispers of your divine self!


The Throat Chakra is our gateway for truth and communication. It is where we access ideas, beliefs and symbols that help give our life meaning, purpose and develops our character. We are the only true storytellers of our life, yet we allow fear to hinder this experience by withholding our words, giving into the nerves of our body, being flooded with anxiety and believing in the judgment of others. 

Now more than ever, it is critical that we take the time to evaluate how we communicate. Our day to day world may be lacking connection, intimacy, depth and beauty. So many of us are feeling alone and/or misunderstood, drained by our social media feeds breeding negativity and lacking joy even being around loved ones. I would like to start helping address this through reflection and contemplation. I challenge you to dive in (cue in the journal)...

Are you creating your own story, or do you let others write your story for you? Are you the main character in your story or are you secondary? Is your awareness and energy on someone or something else? Is your story truthful or a work of fiction? Do you speak the truth to yourself and others? What’s the biggest lie you have told yourself about your life?

As the storyteller, you alone have the power to edit, rewrite and modify what is no longer working for you. You always have power over your circumstances by the way in which you respond. 

Wishing you the divine spark of your most authentic self!


On the spiritual path, the topic of the higher self comes up quite a bit. There’s often some confusion on what this term actually means. I’d like to shed some light on it to help you. The concept of the higher self, from an energetic point of view, is that we posses different levels of consciousness (awareness) within ourselves. These levels manifest physically as different versions of ourselves. These are often the “states of being” we refer to when we are actively working on our healing and spiritual practice. 

We tend to fluctuate between levels of consciousness. We have a current default level, then we can drop down to our lower levels or rise up to the higher levels depending on our energy, health and overall well-being. The higher self is the version of us that is operates at the “highest” levels. So, we never actually disconnect from it, we just allow ourselves to become distracted from it. The more suffering we are able let go of by actively working on our life lessons, the more access we have. This feels like your intuition activating, developing a much deeper understanding of yourself and the Universe and the ability to be think beyond the ego. 

Wishing you access to the innermost parts of you!


Allow me to talk to you about love. Tonight’s new moon in Aquarius lends us the opportunity to redefine what makes logical sense in our lives and what may be necessary to change. I spend many sessions talking to clients about their ideas on love or lack thereof. I would like to take this time to initiate a new template and model for love, both divine and human. A free and gratuitous love that validates, transforms, and changes us at the deepest levels of our consciousness. What we truly all desire and meant to experience in our day-to-day.

The very nature of love is to accept and be accepted. No demand or requisite and allowing others to be the same. For another to see us in our imperfection and nakedness is not a privilege, rather a right that is ours by divine order. If we listen beyond the shouts of frustration and even rage at personal or social judgment the message is straightforward, — the universe created me, I want you to see and accept me. Only then can I unlock all the energy of me so that together we can be in our aliveness with satisfaction.

Think about it. Is this the core message of your frustration? Do your beliefs about yourself, community, society or the world reflect this definition of love? If not, can you admit where you are judging or rejecting? Can you adjust what no longer makes sense with mercy and compassion?

Love is an essential, abundant and transformative energy. It is a state of being not a word or action. It is a practice of acceptance. 


During these darker months, we often speak of turning inward, becoming quiet and introspective, staying home more often and sleeping longer. This is a natural response post-holidays and to the winter’s energetic rhythm.

Throughout time and history, ancient cultures from Egyptians, Celts and the Hopi, have valued this time as a space of ritual, reflection, and renewal. It is a powerful reminder to be more committed in renewing our connection to one other, to enjoy magical of acts of kindness, ritual, and presence and to practice intentional silence. Consider cultivating a deeper connection to nature, family, friends and all things that matter most. 

If you take part in the opportunity that the cosmic forces provide during this season, the choices you make will be more aligned with your greater good. You’ll notice your experiences will have a greater sense of ease and grace. Create practices for yourself during this time for self-reflection, creating stability and community.

Sending light and wishes for your re-connection to the Universe, Sun, Moon and Mother Earth to help clear away the old and welcome the new!


Our living space has the power to affect our mental and emotional state. Our overall well-being is influenced by the spaces we spend the most time in. If we live in an energetically and physically clean, well-organized space regardless of its size — we are more productive, creative, relaxed and happier. We worry a lot about how our homes look, but how they make us feel, is way more important.

How do you know your space needs healing?

  • If your space feels cluttered even though its organized

  • If you live in a confined space and want it to feel lighter and expanded

  • If you feel lazy, unmotivated or restless at home

  • If you live with other people (think moods)

  • Anytime you want to refresh and increase positive vibes

With this holiday season also approaching, it is a perfect time to create a ritual. Energy cleansing can take place after entertaining, inviting guests over, after service or repair people come by, after an argument or a difficult moment. I believe living spaces should breathe like we do, as they are also energetic by nature.

Healing our home is a powerful way to show commitment to ourselves — to proclaim we are worth the time and effort it takes to create a peaceful environment to dwell in. Home is a place to escape to, not escape from. It is important to have a sacred space to relax from the hustle.


Confidence, self-esteem and self-worth doesn’t come naturally to all of us. We all have an idea in our heads about what we should do, who we should be and perceptions on how other’s view us. If we believe we don’t live up to all these expectations, we are bound to unhappiness. Where do these ideas come from? Why do they feel so overpowering? How do we shift into becoming more self-assured?

The inner critic aka the ego aka the supreme judge is fueled by the solar plexus chakra. Its nature is fiery, outward and loud. We don’t turn away from a character like that, we work with it. The path to developing our self-worth starts with tolerance, eventually acceptance.

The inner critic is often hostile and I’m here to share that is with a purpose. Imagine this character trapped in the dark for years, alone and starving. When it finally realizes it has power, it directs its fury towards its “captor” which is you.  These parts of you feel neglected and are in dire need of your love and attention. When you begin to acknowledge them in this way, you realize that it does not speak out of truth, but more temporary frustration. To improve our self-worth, we must utilize skills of listening, patience and compassion towards our inner experience.