We hear a lot of advice on adopting an "attitude of gratitude" when we are on the path to self-mastery. And guess what…the advice is right –  the fact that you can breathe, move your body, have a comfortable bed to rest, eat food every single day, drink clean water, get out in nature, find beauty where ever you go, makes life truly a blessing. Gratitude is all about the art of self-love and incorporating positive habits of thought.

As with anything, it takes time to develop. Remember that a belief is a string of thoughts and you can change one thought at a time!  Start your day on a positive note. Say to yourself: “I intend to feel fantastic today!”. Affirmations are powerful. The best time to affirm is in the morning when you are fresh and without any resistance. As the day goes by, your old habits of thoughts will try taking over and you can change that around quickly with your positive affirmation. The next day it will get easier, the day after even better…and so on, you will build up to a belief than an attitude.

Not sure what to be grateful about?  Challenge yourself, try new things, hang out with some new people – sign up for a dance class, yoga, a cooking lesson, etc. Whatever you do, tap into your passion and give yourself and life kudos for being AWESOME!!