It’s a great reminder that most of the negative things you tell yourself never really come true. They are not even a reflection of what is going in the present time. Battling those self-defeating thoughts is both draining and stressful. Redirect your focus to becoming more AWARE to transform yourself in the observer of your thoughts. Watch them come to the surface, notice their reaction to something that has happened externally, become curious about the thread of the thoughts that become the “story”.

Of course, life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes feels downright out of control, which leads into the tailspin of “what-ifs” and “worse case scenarios”. If you are not dealing with a current major challenge like a break-up, job loss, death of a loved one, health problem or any other life changing circumstance, more than likely those negative thoughts are just useless brain chatter.

I am asked all the time, how do I change my thoughts? The technique is simple, what is challenging is the practice. Here's the magic formula...
1) Become aware, 2) Don’t react, 3) Choose positive thoughts instead 4) Repeat

Turn that negative spiral into POWER. Practice and keep practicing, until your default way of thinking is positive. There's no mystery to it, just takes practice.