The first sign to know that you are growing spiritually is when you start acting more compassionate towards yourself and other. It is a flow of unconditional love and its only intention or purpose is to seek truth. The more you acknowledge it, the more you move towards it.

You may have your self-care practices like meditation, crystal healing, journaling, affirmations and such but the purposes of those techniques are to move towards self-realization. The sum of all of your experiences are not truly who you are. Those temporary thoughts and emotions are not who you are either. Your true self is a lover of all and your purpose is to express love in all you do. That is the energy of which you were created from. That is the direction your life plan is always moving you towards. Don't allow anything distracting you from love fool you. 

Spirituality is not listening to the wise teacher, having deep conversations, buying beautiful items or prayer. It is not something that you find outside somewhere. It is an internal way of being. It’s the commitment to being honest to yourself...always. You may receive inspiration from the outside but those brilliant ideas just happen to match what you already know inside.  

Ask and listen. Trust yourself. Is what you are doing bringing you closer to love?