New Year – new you...nahhhhh!!  I say REAL YOU!  

Let’s get clear.  You don’t need a more sparkly version of YOU, what you do need is the REAL YOU to show up.  It mean’s owning what you want, your desires, visions, fears and loves.  It’s about knowing what you want and going for it.  And yes, you have to own all the excuses too!

So…how do you want your life to look and feel day to day?  Do you feel deserving of the good that is unfolding? Can you change what seems to be not going so well? Can you let go of what you may not be able to change?

It’s up to you to design your life the way it feels right for you.  Pay close attention if you suspect someone else dictating what they feel you need. Look out for the ways you may not be aligned with who you really are.  Observe your reactions to circumstances you don't agree with. They are all clues to what's happening inside. 

My wish for you in 2018 is to give yourself permission to shine more brilliantly than ever before!