I remember the joy and excitement I felt when I bought my first bottle of essential oil. I was in high school and had a few dollars in my pocket which I saved from random jobs.  One of the ways I soothed my teenage angst, was by taking the train to Manhattan from the Bronx to visit metaphysical shops and bookstores. Every visit was a new adventure filled with knowledge, mystique and wonder. These were some of the best memories of my childhood. 

At the time, I was struggling with childhood asthma and had asked the sales associate at the shop to direct me to an oil that would help my breathing. She recommended good ol' eucalyptus. I grabbed the tester, opened the cap and took a deep inhale. In that moment I was transported spiritually to a forest where it felt safe, expansive and could breathe again freely. I didn't want that feeling to end so naturally a bottle came home with me. I remember reflecting on my train ride back that the Creator designed life so perfectly. Everything we could ever need for our well-being grew from the earth and was abundantly available to us anytime.  

Growing up in Caribbean culture, my mother treated my ailments with nature too like she had learned from her elders. I loved watching her shop for herbs, roots and plants to create prescriptions in our kitchen. I wasn't a fussy kid so I welcomed it. It always felt healing to both my body and spirit. Now I keep a natural medicine cabinet of my own with the convenience of nature in a bottle which I turn to regularly. I feel so empowered through my collection of essential oils. I can help and alleviate minor and major things. I often offer help to family, friends and clients through blends which they are grateful for. How many discomforts do we experience that we are unable to get a medical prescription for? How great would it feel to avoid side-effects of chemicals?