Our living space has the power to affect our mental and emotional state. Our overall well-being is influenced by the spaces we spend the most time in. If we live in an energetically and physically clean, well-organized space regardless of its size — we are more productive, creative, relaxed and happier. We worry a lot about how our homes look, but how they make us feel, is way more important.

How do you know your space needs healing?

  • If your space feels cluttered even though its organized

  • If you live in a confined space and want it to feel lighter and expanded

  • If you feel lazy, unmotivated or restless at home

  • If you live with other people (think moods)

  • Anytime you want to refresh and increase positive vibes

With this holiday season also approaching, it is a perfect time to create a ritual. Energy cleansing can take place after entertaining, inviting guests over, after service or repair people come by, after an argument or a difficult moment. I believe living spaces should breathe like we do, as they are also energetic by nature.

Healing our home is a powerful way to show commitment to ourselves — to proclaim we are worth the time and effort it takes to create a peaceful environment to dwell in. Home is a place to escape to, not escape from. It is important to have a sacred space to relax from the hustle.