Eclipses are activators of change through force with the effect of dissolving or initiating things. These cosmic shifts can leave us feeling disoriented and sometimes disturbed as experiences in our lives turn upside down. It’s not all for the sake of friction, if we pay close attention really deep work can unfold for us.

The force of the eclipse is like the momentum needed to make a turn in a vehicle.  The movement can be used to make that decision you have been putting off, have the conversation you have been fearing to have or take the action on the thing you didn’t want to do but need to. It may feel forced right now but sometime in the near future, you will have realized that you are wiser, stronger and better off for having gone through it.  The other option is to ride this force and crash but that takes way too long to recuperate from so clearly the empowered choice is better.

Everyone is sensitive during these eclipse windows with emotions running high and a sense of internal and external chaos. Channel your inner healer and use crystals for grounding like Red Jasper and Tourmaline. Use sage to clear negative vibes, spray lavender to balance the vibes around your space. Chant OM for a few minutes to clear and balance yourself.  Meditate, sleep more and more importantly keep your sense of humor.

Stay strong lunar kids! :D