Learning to walk your authentic path can be tough. When you first start “waking up”, it’s uncomfortable. Your soul is challenging you constantly, and suddenly you feel like it can't get any harder – the same old thing is no longer satisfying, interactions with people become more frustrating and the world seems more out of whack.

It may not feel like it at the time but this an exciting stage – you are in the process of transformation! Your soul is shaking you up to embrace big, big change. How else will it get you out of your comfort zone? So yes, the havoc is worth it I promise because on the other side is a rewarding, satisfying and balanced life. It’s not easy but it is our rite of passage.

Each of us has a unique path we are walking but similarly experience the ever-changing steps which are exciting, clumsy, wondrous, uneasy, breath-taking and exhausting. Through it all, there is a part inside of you that enjoys it. You may be asking how??? I invite you to check with your heart right now and feel it beat for the love of it. Crazy, right? :) 

Lastly, I want to remind you that our journey is meant to be shared, and we are meant to both give and receive support. Allow yourself that gift – reach out to someone for conversation, take the class and meet someone new, write and post online. We have all the same destination no matter how we get there.