Self-Love. A practice that can seem very confusing and complicated.

All the love that we need is already within ourselves waiting to be discovered and the moment we do, we open up more freely to the love that is outside in the world too. Ironically, after all the searching, you realize it was there all along. The moment you decide to commit to yourself, shifts will take place deep in your consciousness and show up in your everyday life.

For those of you who are new at this, we call it a practice because it takes patience, trust and constant forgiveness of the self. This way of being will not be a smooth ride. It will not happen overnight. It will be not always be pretty. However, it will be worth it and may very well be your most incredible and sacred journey. We have deteriorated our skills in patience. Most people will not make this level of commitment to themselves because they want results right away, want to control the outcome or lose faith quickly.

Let me tell you now what I have learned about the benefit of this self-love practice. It’s about changing your negative thoughts and ideas that you are not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough and so on. It’s about setting and holding clear boundaries, what you are willing and unwilling to accept in your life. It’s about healing your loneliness. It’s about discerning when to speak your truth and when to listen. It’s about taking back your power to create the life that you deserve even when you’re told it is crazy.

It’s living life courageously. It is radical. It is necessary.

Sharing these words with you is an act of self-love for myself. There was a time where I felt unheard and confused too. I hope this reaches you with love and hope!