I write to you with excitement as the sun is in Cancer, my astrological sun sign. Yes, it is my birthday month! Ever since I turned 22 I have made the effort to celebrate it well. Before then, I usually gave in to my sadness. I felt the world was ugly, my future was uncertain and I believed that mistakes I made until that point defined my character. So how could I celebrate a life that appeared not worth living. I dreaded my birthday. 

Many years have passed since then and I can tell you for certain that life didn't miraculously change, I changed. Life didn't eventually appear in color, I started to paint it. So I celebrate being on this earth with a sense of acceptance and trust that originates from the depths of my being. It's there for you to access too. I look out into the world with love, enthusiasm and possibility. You can rise up to this truth as well no matter what shit storm seems to appear from the horizon. 

Thank you again and again for being a part of my magical life and for the giving and receiving of all this divine love!