During these darker months, we often speak of turning inward, becoming quiet and introspective, staying home more often and sleeping longer. This is a natural response post-holidays and to the winter’s energetic rhythm.

Throughout time and history, ancient cultures from Egyptians, Celts and the Hopi, have valued this time as a space of ritual, reflection, and renewal. It is a powerful reminder to be more committed in renewing our connection to one other, to enjoy magical of acts of kindness, ritual, and presence and to practice intentional silence. Consider cultivating a deeper connection to nature, family, friends and all things that matter most. 

If you take part in the opportunity that the cosmic forces provide during this season, the choices you make will be more aligned with your greater good. You’ll notice your experiences will have a greater sense of ease and grace. Create practices for yourself during this time for self-reflection, creating stability and community.

Sending light and wishes for your re-connection to the Universe, Sun, Moon and Mother Earth to help clear away the old and welcome the new!