A new awareness is emerging from the luminous core of our spirits inspired by the season of Autumn and the cosmic influence of Libra. This awareness is driving us to create a more balanced world by accelerating our personal growth which is so closely tied to the evolution of this planet. I have been learning through others and experiencing within myself this deeply uncomfortable and challenging process we are are all being forced through. This urgency to let go and release all that we no longer need. To strip away all the clutter and disengage from all that blocks and inhibits the power within us. It feels like an alarm going off. A physical repulsion of lies and illusion. It's everywhere...the media, personal conversations and within our bodies. 

It is important to remember that this process brings about a profound restructuring in our lives. Yes, it is uncomfortable but necessary. Look at nature as it sheds, deteriorates and changes form. Like it, we are being guided to release the demands of our egoic identity so that life can unfold from the true wisdom of the Universe. When we face it with courage, the truth of our spirit comes into focus. Observe what is coming up for you at this time. What is being triggered and wants to be released? Be honest about the fears that are driving your decisions. Only by understanding the nature of yourself can you truly be healed.

I choose to name it on our behalf, because I want you to experience peace. I want you to be free. I want you to expand. For the sake of your Soul's purpose and the future of us all.