Allow me to talk to you about love. Tonight’s new moon in Aquarius lends us the opportunity to redefine what makes logical sense in our lives and what may be necessary to change. I spend many sessions talking to clients about their ideas on love or lack thereof. I would like to take this time to initiate a new template and model for love, both divine and human. A free and gratuitous love that validates, transforms, and changes us at the deepest levels of our consciousness. What we truly all desire and meant to experience in our day-to-day.

The very nature of love is to accept and be accepted. No demand or requisite and allowing others to be the same. For another to see us in our imperfection and nakedness is not a privilege, rather a right that is ours by divine order. If we listen beyond the shouts of frustration and even rage at personal or social judgment the message is straightforward, — the universe created me, I want you to see and accept me. Only then can I unlock all the energy of me so that together we can be in our aliveness with satisfaction.

Think about it. Is this the core message of your frustration? Do your beliefs about yourself, community, society or the world reflect this definition of love? If not, can you admit where you are judging or rejecting? Can you adjust what no longer makes sense with mercy and compassion?

Love is an essential, abundant and transformative energy. It is a state of being not a word or action. It is a practice of acceptance.