On the spiritual path, the topic of the higher self comes up quite a bit. There’s often some confusion on what this term actually means. I’d like to shed some light on it to help you. The concept of the higher self, from an energetic point of view, is that we posses different levels of consciousness (awareness) within ourselves. These levels manifest physically as different versions of ourselves. These are often the “states of being” we refer to when we are actively working on our healing and spiritual practice. 

We tend to fluctuate between levels of consciousness. We have a current default level, then we can drop down to our lower levels or rise up to the higher levels depending on our energy, health and overall well-being. The higher self is the version of us that is operates at the “highest” levels. So, we never actually disconnect from it, we just allow ourselves to become distracted from it. The more suffering we are able let go of by actively working on our life lessons, the more access we have. This feels like your intuition activating, developing a much deeper understanding of yourself and the Universe and the ability to be think beyond the ego. 

Wishing you access to the innermost parts of you!