The Throat Chakra is our gateway for truth and communication. It is where we access ideas, beliefs and symbols that help give our life meaning, purpose and develops our character. We are the only true storytellers of our life, yet we allow fear to hinder this experience by withholding our words, giving into the nerves of our body, being flooded with anxiety and believing in the judgment of others. 

Now more than ever, it is critical that we take the time to evaluate how we communicate. Our day to day world may be lacking connection, intimacy, depth and beauty. So many of us are feeling alone and/or misunderstood, drained by our social media feeds breeding negativity and lacking joy even being around loved ones. I would like to start helping address this through reflection and contemplation. I challenge you to dive in (cue in the journal)...

Are you creating your own story, or do you let others write your story for you? Are you the main character in your story or are you secondary? Is your awareness and energy on someone or something else? Is your story truthful or a work of fiction? Do you speak the truth to yourself and others? What’s the biggest lie you have told yourself about your life?

As the storyteller, you alone have the power to edit, rewrite and modify what is no longer working for you. You always have power over your circumstances by the way in which you respond. 

Wishing you the divine spark of your most authentic self!