I'm sure you have noticed or have used the delicious, grounding, earthy scents and tastes of herbs as a form of therapy to purify yourself and/or your space. However, did you realize that you are participating in a sacred, ancient ritual? 

These traditions go back thousands of years and can be found in every ancient tribe. Plants have been used for their healing properties across many cultures since the beginning of time. It is the original form of medicine. Utilizing, burning and ingesting herbs help prevent illness, ward off negative energy, and cleanse a space, person or group. By engaging with plants, it becomes easier to tune into your own energy and the energy of the space you’re in.

Plants are our companions for life and help us along our way. They remind us of intention and humility – the sacredness in all life. They have a direct line to source energy, and this energy is what causes healing to take place. In order for us to experience true freedom, our bodies need to be free of "energy clutter" so that we have the capacity to hold the spiritual energy that is meant to move through us. 

Wishing you the direct link to your divine nature!