When we embrace our imperfections, we’re embracing our humanity. I’ve learned to be proud of what I call my “dark side”. I’ll be the first to admit that I am complex, like many other people. As it turns out, after all the years of supporting people through healing, our seemingly worsts parts have a genuine purpose. Not owning who we are, negative and positive, is harmful to our health and well-being. It affects every aspect of our lives and stunts our potential.

Our dark side is a combination of emotions and qualities that we want to wish away. However, it’s less about the negative traits and more about our own criticisms of them. Our dark side may look like anger, competitiveness, and/or indifference. It’s easy to want to reject these parts but if you embrace the meaning behind these tendencies, the behavior reveals something valuable.

Perhaps your anxiety makes you cautious, which in return makes you feel prepared for life. Maybe acting judgmental keeps you from associating with people or situations that aren’t right for you. Perhaps your anger is a way to communicate your truest feelings to get the support you want when you feel you can’t outright say it what it is. There’s always light that shines when we are willing to embrace the darkness.

Wishing you the fullness of who you are with no judgment!