positive thinking


The older I get, the more that I realize that the little every day things is what leads to a happier life. One single step at a time towards the choices that express our truth debunks the myth of change being hard work. If we think of happiness as this "larger than life", super-charged, constant emotional state of bliss that is created by the presence of other things and people, than yes that is a ton of pressure. No wonder we all fail our way to change. 

I found that part of the problem is the term itself, happiness. Its kind of vague. We set off on our search for it but we don't understand what it is or how to achieve it. We tend to want to eliminate all of the negative aspects of our lives, identify our one true passion, live our life’s purpose and set out to achieve our life’s dreams…all before lunch time. Whew  All the while wondering why it isn't working.

Joy, satisfaction, love, curiosity are some of the positive emotions that lead us to feeling happy. The more we experience these positive emotions, the happier we’ll be. Easy so far, right? But how do we cultivate positive emotions? That’s easy too, if you’re willing to let it be. When we engage in activities or spend time with people (or animals) that we like, we tend to feel positive emotions. Simply put, the more time you spend engaged in activities that induce positive emotion, the more positive emotion you will feel and the more likely you will be to achieve an overall sense of happiness.

Have lunch with a friend, take a walk in the park, play with a dog, see a funny movie. Every time you engage in an activity that peaks your interest, makes you smile or gets your endorphins flowing, it’s like money in the bank. A little laugh here, a loving hug there and before you know it you’ve become the happy person you’ve always wanted to be without hardly trying.

So how will you practice happiness today?


As busy humans in the modern world, we tend to overlook that our day-to-day decisions affect something greater than ourselves. We tend have a short view of how we interact while working, running errands, meeting with loved ones. Most times, we feel like we just have to get through them. Truth is, there is a long term consequence that sums the quality of our experiences.

Things not as good as they "should or can" be? Does it feel too hard to change it?

See, it takes the individual pieces to make up the whole. What we choose to say, listen to, believe in, shapes our reality. More importantly, how we personally show up makes all the difference.

Choosing positivity, peace, beauty, responsibility, joy and honesty through words and actions not only lifts you but those around you. People will notice enthusiasm. People will smile back as you let your radiance reach them. Your laughter will be contagious. Your peacefulness will teach and inspire. The consequence will provide a new norm, a fresh perspective that supports your highest good and the good of others.

Understanding the intention behind your decisions not only affects your immediate surroundings but also weaves every thread of society and continues on creating the fabric of the world.

When you are aware of your own power and ability to influence, you create change in this world. It's simple.