Discovering our own spirituality is a private and unique path. Individually we will be drawn to different entry ways of our awakening to a greater experience of ourselves. We may have been taught beliefs or philosophies as children, yet the Universe calls us to find or deepen our own way of understanding universal love, truth and conduct. There are those who are raised without any spiritual principles yet still yearn to uncover their own expression of spiritual identity. Regardless of age or background, most of us in youth or adulthood, are likely to recognize this need for knowledge, growth and connection.

People often ask, “Where do I begin?”. We are all wired with an inner guidance system often referred to as intuition. When we take the moment to ask ourselves questions internally, we activate this inner guidance to answer back. A pathway begins to open that we can immediately recognize by its warm and friendly invitation to go deeper within. Curiosity sparks our minds and hearts to seek out positivity outside of ourselves in many forms. It may start with desiring pictures, objects or books regarding nature, deities and/or angels. Wanting to explore practices like yoga, meditation and various forms of natural healing. Listening to music that invokes positive feelings. Taking classes that teach new philosophies and approaches. Exploring religion. Wanting to be more playful, artistic and contemplative. Longing for like-minded individuals and community.

What we are attracted to outside of us, is meant to leads us to back to experience what is inside of us. No matter the form, what we truly seek is the experience of our authentic self exactly as we were intended – loving, peaceful and creative. The Universe speaks to us all through infinite channels guiding us back to feeling inspired, awakened, connected, conscious, aware and alive. It may be a route completely different than anything described before or what someone else has experienced on their track. Wherever your spiritual path leads you, it is perfect and meant entirely for you.