I remember the joy and excitement I felt when I bought my first bottle of essential oil. I was in high school and had a few dollars in my pocket which I saved from random jobs.  One of the ways I soothed my teenage angst, was by taking the train to Manhattan from the Bronx to visit metaphysical shops and bookstores. Every visit was a new adventure filled with knowledge, mystique and wonder. These were some of the best memories of my childhood. 

At the time, I was struggling with childhood asthma and had asked the sales associate at the shop to direct me to an oil that would help my breathing. She recommended good ol' eucalyptus. I grabbed the tester, opened the cap and took a deep inhale. In that moment I was transported spiritually to a forest where it felt safe, expansive and could breathe again freely. I didn't want that feeling to end so naturally a bottle came home with me. I remember reflecting on my train ride back that the Creator designed life so perfectly. Everything we could ever need for our well-being grew from the earth and was abundantly available to us anytime.  

Growing up in Caribbean culture, my mother treated my ailments with nature too like she had learned from her elders. I loved watching her shop for herbs, roots and plants to create prescriptions in our kitchen. I wasn't a fussy kid so I welcomed it. It always felt healing to both my body and spirit. Now I keep a natural medicine cabinet of my own with the convenience of nature in a bottle which I turn to regularly. I feel so empowered through my collection of essential oils. I can help and alleviate minor and major things. I often offer help to family, friends and clients through blends which they are grateful for. How many discomforts do we experience that we are unable to get a medical prescription for? How great would it feel to avoid side-effects of chemicals?


For so many years, shame was such a part of my life that I could not even recognize when I was experiencing it. I would barely allow others to look me in the eyes convinced that it would reveal that something was very “wrong” with me. I used my creative sacral energy to try and control myself, everyone around me and all my circumstances, without realizing how deteriorating it was. I used shame to disguise my emotions of loneliness, fear, resentment and sadness that I didn’t want to feel. If I could hide in shame, I stayed in the illusion of control. I learned that this state of being kept me small and excusing my own actions, it was my scapegoat.

I’m here to tell you that what is learned can be unlearned! So many of us walk around with “secrets” shrouded in shame believing that something is truly wrong with us. Today I can share how I began healing this. I started to acknowledge my feelings, learned to get comfortable with emotion and practiced staying in the present moment without adding more shame. That lead me to be more comfortable with emotion and abandon the need of trying to control others to protect myself.

If you’re at a place right now where you are holding on to shame, and having a hard time with emotion, think about getting some support through this. You can heal!


I will never forget when I was first exposed to our energy centers (chakras). To say it was a life changing experience would be a major understatement. I was deep in self-help books looking for any information that would lead to my own healing.

In my search, I learned that through different life experiences our chakras can become blocked and unhealthy. These imbalances eventually manifest as issues in our physical lives. Eventually if left unhealed, we are prone to sickness. I remember crying tears of joy, as my body finally made sense to me. I had always felt an incompleteness to understanding what we truly were as human beings. This was a truth that completely transformed my life, and little did I know at that time, would change so many other lives by ways of teaching them.

More than a decade ago, I embarked on a colorful journey of the human experience. It is said that life does not come with a manual, but I strongly disagree. Our chakra system is the manual and by exploring it for ourselves, we uncover both our divinity and humanity. The many shades between light and dark within us that illustrate the beautiful complexity of life.

Sending you eternal love and light from the highest of the cosmos and the deepest of the earth for your health and happiness!


I write to you with excitement as the sun is in Cancer, my astrological sun sign. Yes, it is my birthday month! Ever since I turned 22 I have made the effort to celebrate it well. Before then, I usually gave in to my sadness. I felt the world was ugly, my future was uncertain and I believed that mistakes I made until that point defined my character. So how could I celebrate a life that appeared not worth living. I dreaded my birthday. 

Many years have passed since then and I can tell you for certain that life didn't miraculously change, I changed. Life didn't eventually appear in color, I started to paint it. So I celebrate being on this earth with a sense of acceptance and trust that originates from the depths of my being. It's there for you to access too. I look out into the world with love, enthusiasm and possibility. You can rise up to this truth as well no matter what shit storm seems to appear from the horizon. 

Thank you again and again for being a part of my magical life and for the giving and receiving of all this divine love!


Self-Love. A practice that can seem very confusing and complicated.

All the love that we need is already within ourselves waiting to be discovered and the moment we do, we open up more freely to the love that is outside in the world too. Ironically, after all the searching, you realize it was there all along. The moment you decide to commit to yourself, shifts will take place deep in your consciousness and show up in your everyday life.

For those of you who are new at this, we call it a practice because it takes patience, trust and constant forgiveness of the self. This way of being will not be a smooth ride. It will not happen overnight. It will be not always be pretty. However, it will be worth it and may very well be your most incredible and sacred journey. We have deteriorated our skills in patience. Most people will not make this level of commitment to themselves because they want results right away, want to control the outcome or lose faith quickly.

Let me tell you now what I have learned about the benefit of this self-love practice. It’s about changing your negative thoughts and ideas that you are not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough and so on. It’s about setting and holding clear boundaries, what you are willing and unwilling to accept in your life. It’s about healing your loneliness. It’s about discerning when to speak your truth and when to listen. It’s about taking back your power to create the life that you deserve even when you’re told it is crazy.

It’s living life courageously. It is radical. It is necessary.

Sharing these words with you is an act of self-love for myself. There was a time where I felt unheard and confused too. I hope this reaches you with love and hope!


Learning to walk your authentic path can be tough. When you first start “waking up”, it’s uncomfortable. Your soul is challenging you constantly, and suddenly you feel like it can't get any harder – the same old thing is no longer satisfying, interactions with people become more frustrating and the world seems more out of whack.

It may not feel like it at the time but this an exciting stage – you are in the process of transformation! Your soul is shaking you up to embrace big, big change. How else will it get you out of your comfort zone? So yes, the havoc is worth it I promise because on the other side is a rewarding, satisfying and balanced life. It’s not easy but it is our rite of passage.

Each of us has a unique path we are walking but similarly experience the ever-changing steps which are exciting, clumsy, wondrous, uneasy, breath-taking and exhausting. Through it all, there is a part inside of you that enjoys it. You may be asking how??? I invite you to check with your heart right now and feel it beat for the love of it. Crazy, right? :) 

Lastly, I want to remind you that our journey is meant to be shared, and we are meant to both give and receive support. Allow yourself that gift – reach out to someone for conversation, take the class and meet someone new, write and post online. We have all the same destination no matter how we get there.


I recently received my results from a DNA ancestry test. I’ve spent the last week reflecting on its results and acknowledging the inevitable pull of all those who exist within my DNA. With so many questions, I have been going within to receive the answers in meditation. This experience has prompted to write on this topic, as it may not be at the forefront of our minds. So, let’s explore what we metaphysically call, Ancestral Healing.

Whether we know it or not, our ancestors speak to us from where they are through intuition, dreams and synchronicities. They walk within other realms and have wisdom to pass on to us spiritually. They created the path that enabled us to be here now and also who prayed for our future. We stand on what they built. If we tune in, we can sense them in our blood and bones.

This sacred connection also carries their memories, pains and traumas along with their strength and wisdom. Many of us go through life patterns, sadness, imbalances and issues that we can’t always explain in the day to day. Some of us are sensing “out of the ordinary” occurrences that we can’t piece together either. Please know that they see our struggles and are gently guiding us back to our higher-selves because they see what we can’t. They have mastered what we haven’t. When one of us heals a condition, the entire tribe is uplifted. It is for the benefit of all humanity!

My many experiences on this journey along with my clients have showed me the wonders of what is possible. I urge you not to be afraid, to explore and honor this calling within you. If you need support, I offer my assistance along with the loving wisdom of my ancestors.


Eclipses are activators of change through force with the effect of dissolving or initiating things. These cosmic shifts can leave us feeling disoriented and sometimes disturbed as experiences in our lives turn upside down. It’s not all for the sake of friction, if we pay close attention really deep work can unfold for us.

The force of the eclipse is like the momentum needed to make a turn in a vehicle.  The movement can be used to make that decision you have been putting off, have the conversation you have been fearing to have or take the action on the thing you didn’t want to do but need to. It may feel forced right now but sometime in the near future, you will have realized that you are wiser, stronger and better off for having gone through it.  The other option is to ride this force and crash but that takes way too long to recuperate from so clearly the empowered choice is better.

Everyone is sensitive during these eclipse windows with emotions running high and a sense of internal and external chaos. Channel your inner healer and use crystals for grounding like Red Jasper and Tourmaline. Use sage to clear negative vibes, spray lavender to balance the vibes around your space. Chant OM for a few minutes to clear and balance yourself.  Meditate, sleep more and more importantly keep your sense of humor.

Stay strong lunar kids! :D


New Year – new you...nahhhhh!!  I say REAL YOU!  

Let’s get clear.  You don’t need a more sparkly version of YOU, what you do need is the REAL YOU to show up.  It mean’s owning what you want, your desires, visions, fears and loves.  It’s about knowing what you want and going for it.  And yes, you have to own all the excuses too!

So…how do you want your life to look and feel day to day?  Do you feel deserving of the good that is unfolding? Can you change what seems to be not going so well? Can you let go of what you may not be able to change?

It’s up to you to design your life the way it feels right for you.  Pay close attention if you suspect someone else dictating what they feel you need. Look out for the ways you may not be aligned with who you really are.  Observe your reactions to circumstances you don't agree with. They are all clues to what's happening inside. 

My wish for you in 2018 is to give yourself permission to shine more brilliantly than ever before!  


We hear a lot of advice on adopting an "attitude of gratitude" when we are on the path to self-mastery. And guess what…the advice is right –  the fact that you can breathe, move your body, have a comfortable bed to rest, eat food every single day, drink clean water, get out in nature, find beauty where ever you go, makes life truly a blessing. Gratitude is all about the art of self-love and incorporating positive habits of thought.

As with anything, it takes time to develop. Remember that a belief is a string of thoughts and you can change one thought at a time!  Start your day on a positive note. Say to yourself: “I intend to feel fantastic today!”. Affirmations are powerful. The best time to affirm is in the morning when you are fresh and without any resistance. As the day goes by, your old habits of thoughts will try taking over and you can change that around quickly with your positive affirmation. The next day it will get easier, the day after even better…and so on, you will build up to a belief than an attitude.

Not sure what to be grateful about?  Challenge yourself, try new things, hang out with some new people – sign up for a dance class, yoga, a cooking lesson, etc. Whatever you do, tap into your passion and give yourself and life kudos for being AWESOME!!