Jissel Ravelo, master HEALER | EDUCATOR | ADVOCATE

A born and bred New Yorker, my entire life I have appreciated the diversity, complexity and richness of living in the “capital of the world”.  My personal path has taken many twists and turns, starting as a first generation Dominican-American with a complicated and painful history. Second, having a crisis of faith and despair as an adolescent and third, battling severe depression and anxiety in my early adult years. For well over a decade, I have become a well-adapted adult who is balanced, full of love and hope, devoted to a spiritual path and being of service to humanity.

Since 2011, I set out to be a guide in helping others suffering mentally and emotionally through the same methodologies that liberated me. I believe our ancestors both on earth and in the stars left us clues to our success and I have been piecing it all together for decades. What I have understood is that health, character, faith and community are the most important aspects of human life and I am passionately committed to the betterment of the world through these values.     

Things that fuel my vibrance: the moon. the ocean. trees. my tribe. hiphop, jazz and rock. singing alone. dancing with others. meditation. books. sarcasm and corny jokes. chai lattes. hot sauce. converse sneakers. videos of baby animals. deep conversations.

Professional training and certifications: Bachelor of Metaphysics (B.M.), Usui, Karuna & Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, Holistic Psychology Counselor, Meditation Teacher

proudly support

  • The Hunger Project (Committed to the sustainable end of world hunger)

  • Futures Without Violence (Ending violence against families at home and around the world)

  • The Wellness Charity Project (Where healers unite for a charitable cause)

  • Various local charities

“Jissel has been the introduction for me to Energy Medicine and the true power we have to heal ourselves and change our lives. If you are seeking a guide to help you through anxiety, depression, challenging life circumstances or pressing life changes, Jissel is unlike any other, and you will see the effects of your work together manifest thousand-fold in waves throughout your life. Thank you thank you thank you. And to all those about to embark on this journey - Enjoy the ride!”
— L. Nelson