Experience Private Meditation Instruction with Jissel

This private one-on-one series creates a personalized environment to experience various meditation techniques according to your own unique preferences. We go at your pace and comfort, maximizing a relaxed approach to mediation.

In person or via online chat

Techniques used: Breathwork, Visualization, Personalized Mantra and Body Scanning

Details: Four sixty minute sessions for $480

After care: Access to library of guided meditations and notes for reference.  


calm the mind

Meditation is both an ancient art and a modern science that allows you to gradually train your mind to improve your focus, memory and increases positive self-talk. No other practice can "upgrade" your brain for better function.


restore the body

Experience the deeply restorative effects  of meditation, which can help you relieve stress, tension and pain. Find out what is it is like to experience perfect rest and recuperation. Your body can experience bliss naturally.  


evolve your spirit

Through regular practice of meditation you can become attuned to you innermost self and live an effective, balanced and peaceful life regardless of outer circumstances. Discover your "super human" power.