Vibra means “to vibrate ENERGY”, wellness means “an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a fulfilling life”.

My goal is to help you be vibrantly well of mind, body, heart and spirit. Please read the details of each type of session below. All sessions are 90 minutes long. In this work, consistency is key so for optimal results I recommend:


A six (6) session package if you are suffering from depression and trauma

Includes: (1) Discovery Session, (2) Clearing Sessions, (2) Healing Sessions, (1) Manifesting Session

Details: $1200 ($150 savings, can be used within 120 days)


A four (4) session package if you are dealing with stress and anxiety

Includes: (1) Discovery Session, (1) Clearing Session, (1) Healing Session, (1) Manifesting Session

Details: $800 ($150 savings, can be used within 90 days)

You may also schedule individual sessions if you would like to go at a different pace. If you are new, start off with the Discovery Session. Returning clients are free to book any session that applies.

Details: $225 for a 90 minute session

how it works

We start off with the Discovery Session where we will:

  • Define and understand your core issues not just your symptoms

  • An energy assessment to understand how your energy is being affected (aura, chakras and pathways)

  • Introduce Reiki Healing to your body

Next session, I introduce the Clearing Session where we will:

  • Discover deeper insight to what is holding you back or draining you of your energy

  • Use advanced techniques to help you clear negativity using Reiki and Shamanic Healing practices

  • Introduce self-healing tools

The following session is what I refer to as the Healing Session where we focus on:

  • Repairing and strengthening your entire energy system

  • Use advanced techniques to help you create balance and alignment through Reiki and Energy Healing practices

  • Adding additional self-healing tools

Lastly the Manifesting Session, now that your energy is restored and ready to be used creatively towards the life you desire, we focus on:

  • Setting clear intentions and goals

  • A workable plan of action

  • A powerful Reiki Meditation to help you supercharge your ideals with pure positive energy


POLICY: Full payment is due to confirm your appointment using a debit or credit card. You will receive a reminder via email or text, 24 hours prior to your appointment and if you are unable to make it, please cancel for a full refund. In case of an urgency, you may cancel within 3 hours of your appointment time for a $50 fee. If you do not show up to your appointment, there is no refund.

DISCLAIMER: Our therapies and techniques are considered alternative, holistic or natural medicine. We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medication for ailments, illnesses or diseases that are physical or psychological. Please seek advice from a licensed medical professional for these concerns. These practices are meant to be complementary to your current healthcare.