Vibra means “to vibrate”, wellness means “to be in good health”.

Our goal is help you be vibrantly well in mind, body and spirit. If you would like to read more detailed information about our practices, please download our healing guide here.


healing session

This experience addresses the root cause of your concern. Transform your circumstances from the inside out for lasting change.

In person or via online chat

Techniques used: Reiki Healing, Holistic Counseling, Chakra Balancing and Guided Meditation

Details: Individual 90 minute session(s) for $180. Initial package of 4 sessions recommended for $650 (includes 10% off when paid in full). 

After-care: Self-care plan for home and email support. Follow up session(s) as needed.



This experience is for your spiritual development. Raise your frequency for higher awareness, karmic healing and heightened intuition. Meet your Higher Self, Guides and Ancestors. 

In person or via online chat

Techniques used: Custom ritual with a sacred download

Details: Individual 120 minute session for $240. Quarterly sessions recommended. 

After-care: Self-care ritual for home. 

energy profile reading 

This experience gives you a great source of information about your personality, life purpose, spiritual lessons, skills and soul history. Learn about your natural qualities and what you may need to live a more balanced life. 

Via online or phone chat

Techniques used: Akashic record reading   

Details: Individual 60 minute session for $120. One time reading only. 

After-care: Guided meditations and healing tools. 


POLICY: You will receive a reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment to confirm, reschedule or cancel. Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time to fill out intake forms. Payment for individual session(s) due at the appointment time. Packages must be pre-paid. Cash, major debit/credit cards and Paypal accepted. 

DISCLAIMER: Our therapies and techniques are considered alternative, holistic or natural medicine. We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medication for ailments, illnesses or diseases that are physical or psychological. Please seek advice from a licensed medical professional for these concerns. These practices are meant to be complementary to your current healthcare.