calm your mind

We start off with the Discovery Session where we will:

  • Define and understand your core issues not just your symptoms

  • An energy assessment to understand how your energy is being affected (aura, chakras and pathways)

  • Introduce Reiki Healing to your body

release emotion

Next session, is the Clearing Session where we will:

  • Discover deeper insight to what is holding you back or draining you of your energy

  • Use advanced techniques to help you clear negativity using Reiki and Shamanic Healing practices

  • Introduce self-healing tools

restore Your body

The following session is the Healing Session where we focus on:

  • Repairing and strengthening your entire energy system

  • Use advanced techniques to help you create balance and alignment through Reiki and Energy Healing practices

  • Adding additional self-healing tools

evolve your spirit

Lastly the Manifesting Session, now that your energy is restored you are ready to use your creativity towards the life you desire, we focus on:

  • Setting clear intentions and goals

  • A workable plan of action

  • A powerful Reiki Meditation to help you supercharge your ideals with pure positive energy

DISCLAIMER: The techniques used are considered alternative, holistic or natural medicine. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medication for ailments, illnesses or diseases that are physical or psychological. Please seek advice from a licensed medical professional for these concerns. These practices are meant to be complementary to your current healthcare.