Hi, I'm glad you're here. Are you ready to create positive changes and let go of things that are not working for you?

Your mind, emotions and body are inter-connected and when you're having negative symptoms something energetic is happening. There are ways to calm your anxiety, transform your suffering and release stress from your body naturally.

Find out how you can experience yourself clear, present and back in balance with:





Jissel Ravelo is a certified practitioner of these healing arts since 2011. She's a native New Yorker, an activist for social change and a humble student of the cosmos.

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“I am eternally grateful for Jissel walking into my life at the time we met. I went in as someone not quite sure of a lot of things, but definitely certain that I was broken, and tired, and needed healing. Jissel has helped me to see myself in a light that I never thought was possible. She helped me clear up the baggage of 20+ years that was weighing me down, and begin moving towards exploring and working with my own strengths and gifts. After a few months of bi-weekly sessions, and maintaining monthly sessions, I am unrecognizable! This hurt, hopeless, co-dependent, low self-esteem, over-thinking, over-anxious being is transforming into someone who is confident, independent, grounded, spiritually awake, and free! I could never have imagined getting to this point; working with Jissel has changed my life.”
— S. Harris
“A real quality practitioner. I’ve had a few sessions with Jissel and the process has been life changing. I never had a Reiki session before and she made me feel super comfortable. During the sessions, we work on several issues in a very relaxing way. I highly recommend her if you need help mentally, emotionally and physically. She’s my go-to for higher learning.”
— O. Casado
“Jissel is an incredible healer. I have left every session feeling rejuvenated and centered. Her energy work is amazing and I can’t say enough great things about Vibra Wellness.”
— N. Lopez